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Long Live Friends Only

Fill This Out:

If you are too lazy to do it & think it's lame than that is your choice. I like to know a little bit about someone before I add them. No this isn't an "application". It's a "get to know me" survey.

After I add you go HERE to read a little more about me so you can catch up with what you don't know.
I just cleaned my flist. If you were deleted & you think that you shouldn't have been. Comment. I want to get back into blogging again but I want a small flist of people I know.

Clean up clean up everybody everywhere!

I just removed people from LJ. I want to get back into it but with so many communities & friends on my list I just dread coming here. If I made a mistake, which I might have because I honestly forgot peoples SN's on here, then let me know! <3

Happy 2nd Birthday Karmindee!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Karmindee Mina

I can't believe that 2 years ago I was sitting in a hospital waiting for labor to start. I was 2 weeks & 2 days over due. Just WAITING for our baby to make her way into the world! I can't believe how far she has come & how much of a little girl she is. Happy Birthday baby!!

January 2008

Karie's Life in PhotosCollapse )

Shower Curtain Help

I had orginally picked, and LOVED this shower curtain. It was sold out in all the stores & online. Been stalking the website for weeks & nothing. So I had to look again.

The bathroom colors are blue, chocolate & tan. I found these tree shower curtains at Bed Bath & Beyond.

What is your fave?

Should I add something? Take something out?

My nursing story...it's longCollapse )

Graphic Updates

If you had one of these made by me:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And need it updated comment with the stuff here.

I will keep this link on my Friends Only post so you can come back here when needed to update it.

I know several of you need theres updated & I don't have all the info on hand. This will make it easier on the both of us.